Hospitality Lighting 

Lighting is the key element that adds much value to the ambiance of a hotel or a motel. 

Medallion Lighting Corporation 

Choose between the traditional, contemporary or transitional lighting designs from Medallion Lighting Corporation. Medallion takes care of everything from designing, CAD drawings, samples to production. Their products comply with ADA requirements. This site requires a password, that password is value.


Startex brings to you high speed, high quality, and low prices. Choose from many stylish designs that are built to last and enjoy incredible customer service. They facilitate your custom design requirements with an emphasis on durability and value.

Trinity Lighting

Trinity Lighting is an industry leader in the custom hospitality lighting industry. They aim to deliver outstanding service, unmatched quality and competitive pricing. ‚ÄčThey also stock-up on ready-to-ship products for time-limited projects.

WilLight, Inc.

WilLight, Inc. is one of the country's oldest and largest wholesale manufacturer of lamps, lampshades and energy saving fluorescent fixtures. They sell their products only through authorized sales representatives and distributors.
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We are not limited to these manufacturers, please call us for more details

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