• Wood Frame Chairs
  • Lounge and Lobby Seating
  • Sofas and Sleepers Sofas
  • Custom Benches
  • Custom Tables
  • Metal/Faux Wood Chairs
  • Venue Seating
  • Banquet & Bar Stools

Edgecombe Furniture

Since 1930, Edgecombe Furniture, originally called Cotton Belt Mattress Company, has been manufacturing cotton mattresses, spring mattresses and studio couches as well as sleepers, sofas, chairs and recliners. Currently, it manufactures a full line of upholstered contract furniture that can be shipped to all fifty states and overseas.

The Chair Market



Flexsteel and its namesake Blue Steel Spring design and construct comfortable and long-lasting furniture for the hospitality industry. Their commitment to craftsmanship, accountability and leadership has helped them grow and thrive over the years.

They test every product to ensure the highest quality standards before it leaves the factory. Their materials and construction are backed-up with warranties.

AC Furniture

AC Furniture Company, Inc. is one of America’s largest contract furniture manufacturers. They provide quality merchandise, responsive customer service and high-value products for hospitality, healthcare and food service industries.
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